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Where are Cowen's supporters? Are there any? I wanna fight!

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Should Scott Cowen be fired?
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:55 pm    Post subject: Where are Cowen's supporters? Are there any? I wanna fight! Reply with quote

I don't mean to discourage any of you, but this forum is getting kinda weak and I'm afraid that it's losing its effectiveness. Everyone agrees with each other here - where are the people who disagree with all of us? I want to hear from them - I want to argue with them! Can we get another shot with Scott Cowen? We need something to stir up some commotion so that more people notice us.

Well, since I'm here:

I was at Tulane the year Cowen came to power. From what I remember, he was always pushing an agenda of a unified undergraduate college. It seems as though he was always taking baby steps towards this goal but he never actually tried to fully implement it. He never could appreciate the traditional setup of the separate colleges within the university. It’s probably because he is a business man and he thinks with his wallet. In fact, that’s why Tulane hired him, to help pull our University out of the red. He immediately looked at the separate college system as a ridiculous and unnecessary redundancy that just cost the university tons of money. Which, for all I know, probably is true BUT before the hurricane there was no way he could implement this b/c he knew he would piss off too many people and ultimately lose his job. I think he is trying to push through his outlandish agenda under the false pretense of “rebuilding after the hurricane”. I’m not denying that there are rebuilding costs; I’m just trying to say that he is adding to the costs by “Renewing” our university! There is a LOT of short term costs associated with restructuring the school, as opposed NO short term costs if he kept it the same. Does it make sense to do this right now? And what is his justification for implying that our long-term growth won’t overcome the financial burden put on us by the hurricane? Could someone in favor of his plan please answer this question!?!

I think that he is using this hurricane to fulfill his own agenda. Where “his own” agenda is still in the best interest of university, but it’s in Tulane’s best short-term FINANCIAL interests not in its best academic/long-term growth interests. This decision reminds me of how a mega-profit making corporation would act in order to maximize their profits in the shortest amount of time possible, not how a well respected, 200 year old academic institution would act. Maybe we should rename the university to Tulane Corporation while we are at it! I do not agree with his definition of the university’s best interests and I think he is doing more harm than good. We should get rid of him NOW! Has anyone started a petition to remove him from office or to force him to resign? Are there any scheduled protests on campus? Does anyone know a hit man?

In conclusion, I wish Scott Cowen would first rebuild and then restructure. How does he know that the financial loss brought on by the hurricane is too great for the university? He hasn’t even given it a chance. If we first rebuild and then try to make up for our losses and then find that they are too great, I might feel differently about restructuring the university, but we aren’t in that position yet. So where is the justification for doing this now? For me this whole “Renewal Plan” is too fishy – either he is honest with us AND he starts listening to us or he gets the hell out of my University! That’s my opinion. I’d love to hear from those of you who disagree with me (and bring your friends).

Sincerely yours,
Charles Le Pere
BSE-EE 2000
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